Searching for Opportunities

What a fascinating month it has been since Moody’s Corporation announced the closing of the South Bend office. The closing is due to a desire to consolidate operations into the New York and San Francisco offices. Some of the news reports indicate that 70 people will lose their jobs, but that’s not quite accurate. Seventy people will definitely be impacted, but some have telecommute arrangements, some were offered (and may accept) relocation, and some were given no options for continued employment with Moody’s Analytics.
Personally, I have elected to stay in South Bend and not relocate. Like my colleagues who are also going to have their employment on June 12th, we are actively seeking opportunities in the city and the Northern Indiana, Southwest Michigan region. I do find it encouraging that there is a fair amount of opportunity in the market. The resources here are sharp, and having success getting conversations and interviews going with potential employers.
If you are looking to make a strategic hire, now is a great time to pick up some folks being displaced by Moody’s.  The skills include C#, ASP.NET, Flex, QA and QA automation, Continuous Integration, Agile using SCRUM, and traditional development methodologies. The software help desk resources for the most part are going to be on the market. Many of the individuals have customer facing roles either currently or as part of their prior employment. If you’re looking for a few good people, let me know.

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