Personal Kanban on Windows Desktop

Kanban Windows background with Sticky Note tasksHave you wanted to try a simple and free personal Kanban board? Turn your Windows 10 Desktop into your own Kanban board, and use Sticky Notes app to represent your tasks.

I used Photoshop to create the image with columns “to do,” “doing,” and “done.”kanban board windows background If you don’t want to use Photoshop to make an image,  you could just as easily use the computer desktop kanban board I made, or create your own using PowerPoint’s “Save as Image” feature to make your own slide, and then set that image as your desktop.

If you have your own workflow, you might consider making a PowerPoint slide and use PowerPoint’s “Save as Image” feature to make your own board.

Regardless, once you have an image, you can set that image as your desktop in Windows 10.

Now, all you have to do is use the StickyNote feature to put notes on your background and move them through the Kanban.

Granted, this is an elementary implementation of Kanban, since Kanban is more than cards on a wall.  For a fuller implementation of Kanban, measure and manage flow. But at least this creates some visibility hopefully focus for you.

If you are new to the concept of Personal Kanban, check out the Personal Kanban 101 introduction. Make your work visible, and limit your work-in-progress.

What personal Kanban approaches have worked for you?

If you use this image, please leave a comment about how it worked for you.

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