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A Scrum Presentation You Can Deliver

So, you have the opportunity to deliver a overview presentation on Scrum. Creating slides sure can take a lot of work, especially if you want them to look good and flow naturally.

Fortunately, you do not have to reinvent the Scrum presentation. Mike Cohn has made a Overview of Scrum presentation available on his web site. The presentation can be customized and used under the Creative Commons license 3.0.

If you have the opportunity to introduce Scrum to an audience, save yourself a lot of time and energy. Check out the Overview of Scrum presentation.

Mike Cohn’s book Succeeding with Agile

Mike Cohn is nearing completion of his latest book Succeeding with Agile. I downloaded and read Chapter 2, “Iterating Toward Agility,” earlier today.  I highly recommend going to www.succeedingwithagile.com and downloading whatever chapter is available at that time.

Mike Cohn has also set up a Yahoo Group to discuss exchange messages about his book, as well.