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Dan NeumannI am an Agile Coach that focuses on building knowledge and leading teams to self-organize and embrace continuous improvement. I have expertise in Scrum, Kanban, and Agile. I have coached teams in the US, India, China, Brazil, and in Europe.

In the past I have had responsibilities as a project manager, ScrumMaster and internal agile coach. I particularly enjoy the challenges that arise from working on complex projects.

My college degree is in Computer Science  from Michigan State University. That background allows me to communicate effectively with technology workers. My consulting career started with writing software for clients through one of the larger CPA and consulting companies in the United States. The long career in professional services gives me a depth of experience in ensuring that clients’ needs are met.

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2 thoughts on “About Dan Neumann

  1. Elias Crim

    I understand you’re involved with HackMichiana. I’m over in Valparaiso, about an hour away, and have a question for you. Our town has just finished a year-long visioning process, part of which is a recommended civic incubator, in which citizens would work on identifying issues to help solve.
    I think creating a civic app for Valparaiso would be an excellent project for us and I contact Code for America to find out how we could get some coaching. They pointed me to our two closest CfA brigades–in Chicago and South Bend. We also have several universities close by, especially Valparaiso University, so we have some level of coding talent probably within reach.
    But I’d like to chat with you about how we would manage a civic app project when you’re available. Please contact me at your convenience if you would. Thanks!

    1. Dan Neumann

      Hi, Elias. Thanks for contacting me. Yes, I am a Brigade Captian for Hack Michiana. Lets connect on LinkedIn and schedule time for a conversation.


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